“Dear Mr. Stith, thank you for all your help on my case. I was unsure what could be done after I had been arrested. After you got the case dismissed, I was able to return home and begin my life! Thank you so Much!.” Alfred S.

“Dear David Stith, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all the hard work you did on my case. I never believed that a lawyer would care so much about his clients and provide all the work that you have done. I want you to know that I will never forget everything you have done for me.” Jessica A.

The in formation listed is a general guide and not to be used in place of the Penal Code or legal advice

First Degree Felonies
5-99 years & up to $10k fine
Aggravated Assault of a public servant
Aggravated Kidnapping
Aggravated Robbery
Aggravated Sexual Assault
Attempted Capital Murder
Arson (of house or church)
Burglary of Habitation (intent to commit felony other than theft)
Engaging in Org Criminal Activity
Escape with Deadly Weapon
Injury to Child, Elderly, or Disabled Individual with serious bodily injury
Solicitation of Capital Murder
Trafficking of Persons (younger than 14 or death involved in transport)
Theft 200k and up
Poss controlled subst 200 grams +
Delivery – 200-400 grams 10-99/life
Delivery 400+ grams 15-99/life
Poss Marihuana 2000+ pounds

Second Degree Felonies
2-20 years & up to $10k fine
Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Kidnapping with safe release
Burglary of a Habitation
Engaging in Org Criminal Activity
Escape and causing bodily injury
Improper Relationship
Indecency With a Child
Reckless Injury to a Child, Elderly, or Disabled
Sudden Passion Murder
Sexual Assault
Stalking Second Offense
Trafficking of Persons
Theft 100k – 200k
Poss controlled subst 4-200grams
Poss Marihuana 50-2000 pounds

Third Degree Felonies
2-10 years & up to $10k fine
Assault of Public Servant
Aggravated Perjury
Felony Arrest Bail Jumping
Felony Cruelty to Animals Deadly Conduct With Gun
Engaging in Org Criminal Act
Enticing Child
Evading with Vehicle
Prisoner Harassment
Improper Contact w Victim
Indecency w Child with Exp.
Injury to Child, Elderly, or Disabled
Intoxication Assault
Felon Poss of a Firearm
Possession of Prbt Weapon
Stalking First Offense
Tampering w Evidence
UCW (on licensed premise)
Unlawful Restraint
Violation of Prot Order-3rd
Theft 20k -100k
Poss controlled subst 1-4 grams
Poss marihuana 5-50 pounds

State Jail Felonies
6 months to 2 Years in S.J. & up to 10k fine
Burg of a Building
Credit/Debit Card Abuse
Criminal Nonsupport
Criminally Neg Homicide
Cruelty to Animal
DWI with child in car
Engaging in Org Crim Act
Evading in a vehicle
False Alarm or Report
Forgery of a commercial instrument
Fraudulent Use or Possession of
Identifying Information
Improper Photography or recording
Injury to a Child, Elderly or Disabled Interference with Child Custody
Interference with Rights of Guardian
Tampering w Witness
Unauth Absence from Jail
Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
Unlawful Restraint of a child
Possession marihuana 4 0z -5 pds
Theft $1500-$20,000
Poss controlled substance less 1grm

Class A Misdemeanors
1 year jail & up to $4k fine
Bail Jumping
Burglary of Coin Op Machine
Burglary of a Vehicle
Criminal Trespass
Cruelty to an Animal
Deadly Conduct
Failure to Identify
Failure to Report Felony
Promotion of Gambling
Interference with a 911 phone call
Improper Contact with a Victim
Possession of crim instrument
Poss. Firearm with fam viol conv.
Prohibited Weapon
Public Lewdness
Resisting Arrest
Stealing Checks
Carrying/prohibited weapon
Unlawful Restraint
Violation of Protective Order
Possession marihuana 2-4 oz
Theft $500- $1500
Possession drugs without prescription

Class B Misdemeanors
180 days jail & up to $2k fine
Assault with sports participant
Criminal Trespass
Disorderly Conduct
Enticing a Child
Failure to Identify
False Report to Peace Officer
Issuance of Bad Check
Indecent Exposure
Silent calls to 9-1-1 Service
Terroristic Threat
Possession Marihuana under 2oz
Theft $50-$500
Dangerous drugs (no prescript)